I was contacted by the Authentura team to help them improve the User Experience of their flagship product, codeCTRL. All of our communication was done within a GitHub issue, which can be found here. My first comment on the issue was a detailed write-up of all the apparent problems I could spot with the program, along with clear reasoning behind the issues these elements cause and how they could go about fixing them.

The biggest issue I found with the app was related to the confusing visual hierarchy present. There were a lot of brightened and underlined pieces of text that, despite what the common user would assume were not clickable. The actual clickable elements were dim and hard to see by comparison.

After about a month of co-operation and going back-and-forth in the issue thread, they managed to improve on all problematic aspects of their application. You can see a before & after on the side.

A pwnCTRL csapata felkeresett a fő termékük, a codeCTRL felhasználói felületének javítására. Minden kommunikációnk egy GitHub issue alatt történt, így szépen visszakövethető.

A leg-szembetűnőbb probléma az applikációban a rendezetlen vizuális hierarchiában jelentkezett. Sok helyen voltak interaktáhatónak tűnő elemek, melyek nem csináltak semmit, ugyanakkor rengeteg igazi gomb nem volt tisztán látható.

Az oldalon látható egy előtte-utána összehasonlítás.